Are rachel and finn dating in real life

19-Nov-2017 14:26

However, Finn stops at the train station so Rachel can go to New York. " They share one last kiss before Finn 'sets Rachel free' at the end of Season Three.

Rachel is hesitant to go because she is in love with Finn, but he tells her "We are just going to sit here and let go. In Season Four, Rachel constantly misses Finn but when she goes through a "makeover" she changes her thoughts and ways she views things and kisses Brody, not long before Finn arrives in New York.

She returns to her apartment and later in the episode is seen taking a pregnancy test.

In Feud, it is revealed that it was just a false alarm and Rachel isn't pregnant.

Later, Rachel convinces Finn that the kiss in the auditorium was real, and tells him that he doesn't have the guts to admit it.

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Back in the choir room, she talks about how much she loved Finn, and she sings the first song they sang together alone, Make You Feel My Love.This causes problems as later, Finn and Rachel have drama-causing Rachel to say that they're done by kissing him and leaving the room, at least for the mean time.In I Do, Rachel and Finn hook-up for the night, she left while he is sleeping.After they practice singing together in the auditorium, the two share a kiss, proving their mutual attraction.

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The kiss ends when Finn has a premature ejaculation.

He tells her not to tell anyone that it happened and to forget about it.

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