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16-Feb-2018 04:40

If this were to get posted elsewhere on the Internet, your teen’s reputation could be ruined forever.After all, once something is shared on the Web and/or saved by another person, it’s never going to go away for good.Aside from the dangers of Chatroulette porn, the site is also among one of the most dangerous sites on the Internet for teens because of the large number of sexual predators on the site.For teens who don’t know any better, even a seemingly polite adult could be trying to gather personal information about the teen in order to find and abduct them.Users can also fill out their own profiles, but those are mostly for additional information.The majority of the networking on this site is done via video.By adding Chatroulette to this list of forbidden websites, you can at least enjoy the peace of mind in knowing your teen isn’t using your faily family computer to video chat with strangers.

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Finally, if your teen does engage in adult Chatroulette activities, such as getting naked on camera, there is always a chance that the person on the other end is recording the video chat and will have a permanent record of it.

In addition to Chatroulette, there are plenty of Chatroulette alternatives on the Internet as well, so there is really no shortage of websites out there that allow people to connect randomly for video chat sessions.