Cash liquidating distribution

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A: No, in addition to the initial liquidating distribution, we expect to make one or more additional liquidating distributions in First Quarter 2017.Q: How will the initial liquidating distribution be reported for tax purposes?The Internal Revenue Service requires a recipient of a cash liquidating distribution to record the amount he receives on Line 8 of Form 1099-DIV.For the IRS to view a cash liquidating distribution as taxable to its recipient, the amount received must exceed the taxpayer's basis in the corporation's stock.It is taxable when the total amount of the cash liquidation distribution exceeds the original investment in the stock.Cash liquidation distribution proceedings are intimated through the Form 1099-DIV.Whether you report the gain as a long-term, or short-term capital gain depends on how long you have held the stock.[See Holding Period in chapter 4 of IRS Publication 550.] Stock acquired at different times. After the basis of a block of stock is reduced to zero, you must report the part of any later distribution for that block as a capital gain. If the total liquidating distributions you receive are less than the basis of your stock, you may have a capital loss.

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Shareholders should consult their Forms 1099-DIV as provided previously for each year for dollar amounts, and shareholders must contact their tax advisors.Liquidating Distributions Liquidating distributions, sometimes called liquidating dividends, are distributions you receive during a partial or complete liquidation of a corporation.These distributions are, at least in part, one form of a return of capital. You will receive Form 1099-DIV from the corporation showing you the amount of the liquidating distribution in box 8 or 9.The questions and answers are based on certain assumptions that may not be accurate.

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Q: Was the initial liquidating distribution of .20 per share the final liquidation of my investment?A: The initial liquidating distribution, along with the operating distributions received in 2016, will be reported to shareholders on their 2016 Form 1099-DIV, which we expect to be mailed on or before January 31, 2017.

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