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28-May-2018 20:41

Right now he also has a beard; he is in Ireland for five months to make Reign of Fire, a post-apocalypse action movie in which dragons inherit the earth, and his role - as the leader of the English resistance movement - requires a certain rough-and-ready, Action Man look.Today is a day off, and he is dressed in green combat trousers, a grey jumper and trainers.Steve Coogan,' he says thoughtfully, 'is he still going?' Christian Bale, who was born in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire in 1974 and grew up in Bournemouth, has lived in Los Angeles for the past nine years and is consequently somewhat disconnected from his roots.The books resulted in invitations to speak at universities around the world.

Francis became a Christian at age 17 after his interest in Greek philosophy ultimately led him to read the Bible.

Later in life, he observed: “What rang the bell for me was the answers in Genesis, and that with these you had answers — real answers — and without these there were no answers either in philosophy or in the religion I had heard preached.” When he told his parents of his plan to attend Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia in order to study for the ministry, they strongly opposed the idea.

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