Dating a physically disabled person

16-Sep-2017 02:56

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Women without disabilities were slightly more likely to have had sex with a man (94 percent), but were significantly more likely to have had sex with a woman (23 percent), or with both men and women (21percent).Women who were disabled earlier in life tended to begin dating later than women who were disabled later in life or who were not disabled.The timing of onset of disability, and the response to disability of family, friends, and society in general, were critical in establishing patterns of dating behaviors for women with physical disabilities.Parents who encouraged their teenager daughter to go out and meet people, who gave her the expectation that she could marry someday if she wished, who equipped her with the information and social skills she needed to attract dates, and most importantly, who made her feel valued and attractive, set the stage for having positive dating relationships.

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The most troublesome problem for women with disabilities was attracting partners to date.Laying a strong foundation for future adult relationships gave the woman with a disability the strength to deal with social prejudice against her dating as an adult.