Dating my boss

30-Mar-2018 12:25

As a result, no one at work knows that we are together.

It's very strange going to work with him every day and pretending like we barely know each other when we sleep in the same bed every night.

Quit Your Job: Okay so it's a bit extreme and something that not everyone will be in a position to do.

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This also prevents you from having the problem of spending too much time with your partner which can leave you with nothing to talk about potentially.However bear in mind that quitting doesn't necessarily resigning and being job-less you can be just as successful just looking around for work and applying to jobs while you maintain your current position then simply transfer to the other job.Hopefully you can find a position that's at a similar level.This seems to be a big issue for a lot of us, and yet while we might wish that love and relationships were simple, it seems that most of us are actually constantly making the whole thing a lot harder on ourselves.

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For instance the old 'we want what we can't have' routine.

I never thought I could be this happy with someone.

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