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Syria held its first parliamentary elections in 1932.All the candidates were hand-picked by the French, but once elected, they declined the constitution France had proposed for the country.Hafez al-Assad, the leader of a radical wing of the Arab Socialist party, the Baath, seized control in 1971.He cracked down hard on dissent and in 1982 killed thousands of members of the the Muslim Brotherhood opposition organization.One-third of the land is arable, and one-third is pasturable.The terrain is mostly desert, and home to drought resistant plants such as myrtle, boxwood, and wild olive. Remote areas have wolves, hyenas, and foxes; the desert has lizards, eagles, and buzzards.Also represented are Turks; Armenians, most of whom fled Turkey between 19; and small numbers of Circassians, Assyrians, and Jews. They were originally nomadic, but many have been forced to settle in towns and villages. Arabic is the official language, and 90 percent of the population speaks it.

It was exacerbated by the promise of independence in 1941, which was not delivered until five years later.

However, his tight-reined rule averted the civil war and political anarchy that plagued Middle Eastern countries such as Lebanon.

In 1992, he won his fourth consecutive bid for election with 99.9 percent of the vote.

That era came to an end in 1920 with the end of World War I, when the French took control of Syria and Lebanon.

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The French drew a straight-line border to separate this territory from British-ruled Transjordan.It has a favorable location in a fertile area close to the desert and has historically served as a refueling stop and commercial center for traders making trips through the desert.