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08-Aug-2017 01:27

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In case you are wondering what ‘vandi’ means, it means a ride, pinpointing girls that random guys can screw. The people who comment against such pages will be bombarded with pure profanity by the admins.. I am a girl too and I too show some skin when I dress up but I don’t upload my pics of me baring skin on Facebook for this very reason. Have some discretion and express yourself and worthiness by your intelligence and wit and not by your capability of dressing and posing like Shakeela or Shreya in the Meow Meow Pune song. You think, (I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that you are innocent and unassuming of the bad, bad world out there) that showing off such revealing pictures of yours to get some likes makes you Miss Malaysian Indian Global.

It is astounding how much profanity any sensible, straight person has to undergo in order to knock some sense into all those admins operating pages that demean Malaysian Indian girls. For those girls who upload pics of yourselves wrapped in bath towels why are you doing what you are doing? I can understand swimsuits and bikini but bath towels?? They are actresses and they get paid for how much they reveal in bath towels and you do it gratuitously. Well, honey, there is more to life than likes on Facebook.

She has an opinion on every Malaysian Indian goings on. She writes on issues that matter in our Indian community and forwards fresh and sometimes revolutionary ideals.

Malaysia is a really big place and if you had to find the perfect swingers contact on your own, you might as well be looking for a needle in a haystack.

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Of course you have the freedom to dress and upload your photos as you like but as you go about it, you should take all the precautions necessary so that your photos don’t fall into the wrong hands. Giving you the benefit of the doubt for your apparent lack of understanding on online media security and your frivolity in adding friends which also contribute for the misuse of your photos and they end up in such pages by the doing of your ‘friends’.

Such pages’ admins justify that they are teaching a lesson on how to dress and behave to these girls while calling them sluts, bitches, whores, etc.

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