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12-Mar-2018 20:43

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You can seek medical attention any time after the assault but there are good reasons to seek medical attention immediately.

There are treatments that can help prevent things such as pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections but they are only effective if treatment is started soon after the assault. You may have a sexual assault examination and collection of evidence up to 72-120 hours after an assault, depending on the local policy.

If you decide to report the incident to police this record will be valuable for the investigation and could also be used as evidence in court.

Even if you don't think you will report the assault to the police it is a good idea to do this if you can.

Every survivor is unique and will need the help that is right for them.

Professional counselling, support groups, friends and family can all play a part in assisting a survivor in the aftermath of an assault. Survivors struggling with feelings of shame and worthlessness, and other feelings that may arise after a sexual assault, can find it very difficult to take good care of themselves.

You may be incredibly sad that this has happened or you may feel anger that one person could do this to another human being. It is important to remember that, although reactions like anger, mistrust, and sadness are common, not all people experience the same emotions or express them in the same way.

Because a person does not feel or act a certain way does not mean that their experience of sexual assault was not legitimate.

Fact: No other crime victim is looked upon with the same degree of suspicion and doubt as a victim of sexual assault.

Just remember that what YOU feel is real and it's NOT your fault.

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