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For interpretive guidance relating to the trade reporting rules, firms should contact FINRA OGC or Market Regulation, as noted above.

For technical or operational issues regarding the ADF or ORF, firms should contact FINRA Market Operations, and for technical or operational issues regarding the FINRA/NASDAQ TRF or FINRA/NYSE TRF, firms should contact NASDAQ or NYSE, respectively.

"Time of execution" means the time when the parties to a transaction in a DPP have agreed to all of the essential terms of the transaction, including the price and number of the units to be traded.In this instance, the time of execution is p.m., not a.m. Eastern Time, and trades with an execution time outside of this period are considered "outside normal market hours." As of November 10, 2014 (ADF/TRFs) and November 17, 2014 (ORF), the FINRA Facilities support milliseconds.