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30-Aug-2017 00:26

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Chat websites are significant sites of stigmatising and discriminatory behaviour by HIV-negative men, but they have also created a space where HIV-positive men can meet other positive partners easily.

Many HIV-negative men openly avoid contact with positive men on chat sites and the use of terms like ‘I’m clean, you should be too’ on chat profiles stigmatises and discriminates against positive men in very public and visible ways.

Don’t let it get you down, and if someone gives you trouble, report it to the site – most sites have a facility for reporting inappropriate behaviour.

Some guys prefer sites that are specifically set up for HIV-positive people.

Tip # 1: Start Slow But Not Too Slow Do not try immediately to burst into going to action.

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Tip #4: Do Not Forget Of Safety You may be charmed by someone and forget of all reasonable precautions.