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Several more joined us from the hotel and each day’s meals would garner another few people who were either single, solo, or buddyless.

By the end of the week the numbers had swelled to well over 40 people and very few restaurants could seat us all.

In fact my Red Sea trip May 29th to June 12th, 2010 has 14 women and only 2 men!

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About Single Founded in 2004, we have over 6000 members from 32 different countries all with one goal in mind…’Divers from around the world DIVING the World’.

” I told him it was a problem as I already owned one ‘blood sucking take everything you owned scubadiving business’ so I did not need another one.

He replied…”If you don’t…someone else will and you’ll always regret it.” He was right and so in March of 2004 Single was created and I made my next call to another dear friend of mine, a scuba marketing guru, Scott Jones.

I received well over a hundred calls and emails from people who had met us in Cozumel or who were friends of people who had met us in Cozumel and had heard we ran ‘Single’s Trips’.

They wanted to know our website and when our next trip was.In those days many groups used charter air from Dallas or other cities and we used the former.