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The police are not able to put 24-hour surveillance on the house, and you're in the hospital, bedridden--what can you do?" As it turned out, Cindy and several classmates had received emails badmouthing Jack, but she told police she had no idea where they might have come from.Normally, police reports and evidence are not available before trial, and lawyers and police won't comment until the case is resolved.But interviews as well as a 520-page police file from a parallel out-of-town investigation of the suspected bomber provide rare insight into a mystery involving sex, lies, videotape and chat rooms--as well as damning evidence that 12 Portland jurors may never be allowed to see.He had lost some serious cash to video poker machines, but he wasn't in hock to any loan sharks.

But according to police reports and interviews, the 12-year bomb-and-arson detective did the logical thing: He took Hornstein's claim to have no enemies with a grain of salt--and started rooting about for people who might have it out for the Hornstein family.

He'd had the same job as an insurance agent for more than three decades.

Hornstein is Jewish, but there was no evidence suggesting the bombing was a hate crime.

Chunks of pipe landed hundreds of feet away on the Laurelhurst Elementary School lawn.

A piece of flying shrapnel took out a neighbor's window. Through a drugged haze he received the news that Legacy Emanuel surgeons would need to amputate his right leg below the knee.

The day after the hoax bomb was found, he checked his voicemail and heard an expletive-filled message: a man threatening his life in a fake-sounding Latino accent.