Speed dating shyness

10-Aug-2017 04:10

Even my friends of 10 years classify me as very quiet.But is there any sort of way I can help get over this, or branch out?I go out, have fun and spend time with people just like everyone else.Its just that this aspect of my personality keeps me from going that extra mile.I think I can respond to people okay but it just seems like starting things doesnt come naturally for me.Im not one of those shy people who shun away from social interaction....

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Once you do that, you'll realize it's not that big of a deal.

I've had POF meets go kind of badly because of it, and even last night it affected me.

I saw a cute girl giving me lots of looks last night at a club and for a while I was too shy to approach her.

shyness is the worry of the outcome andno one has the control for the out come because the only person we can control is ourselvesnow go meet women p,s they don't be good looking start with average women and work your way uplast thing beautiful women are people treat them as equals and as a person You need to get over your fear of rejection. Go up to at least one person a day with the intention and goal of starting a conversation. Don't be concerned if she will like you, want to give you her number, date you, marry you, have your kids, grow old together, etc. You sound like you are aware of the person's body language so go off of what that is telling you.

You are probably having all that crap go through your head and you are psyching yourself out each time. If she is showing you via her body language to come talk to her, do it, don't think about it.

If you can't think of anything to say, pay attention to the environment.

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