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The manager spoke to men for her, set up dates, and after Lyadova approved them, dropped the date details into her calendar.“I thought people would know right away that it wasn’t me but nobody ever noticed the difference, which kind of proves my point that online dating is very impersonal and the conversations are superficial,” Lyadova said.

“It’s kind of scary but it actually works.”The “experiment,” as Lyadova dubbed it, lasted 14 weeks.

She and some friends were sharing stories about online dating, and how it sometimes feels like a full-time job.

Before she knew it, Lyadova, a 30-year-old Toronto-based business owner, was writing up a job posting for Craigslist for a dating manager, conducting interviews and passing over her dating profiles to a stranger.

This book includes a lot of your dating history and past. Melissa: Kat had hired me and I felt strongly there should be a book. It was really just a process of finding out what she was comfortable disclosing and then going back and forth on that.

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Her dating assistants put 106 hours into online conversations.I put myself in the centre of the experiment and people have been asking why. Also I think it’s OK to talk about things that are meaningful to us. What do you hope people will take away from this book?We’re so used to conversations that are superficial and we’re kind of afraid to go deep into personal life. K: People should not be pressured to settle for something that’s just good enough. Even if it involves some unconventional approaches, like hiring a dating manger, because there is no one recipe for finding a significant other or getting over a past relationship.I did quite a bit of online dating myself before I got into this experiment.

That’s how I learned that it’s so much work and not the kind of work I enjoyed.

We were joking how it’s a full-time job and how it should be someone else’s job. It was interesting from that perspective and honestly once we got the process working, it was saving me a lot of time.

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