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With My Sister's Keeper, director Nick Cassavetes exhibits a degree of restraint that is laudable.The film retains an emotional impact while maintaining a low-key style.Somehow, the abuse promises to register more realistically for many teens, along with adults who can remember their formative years.Bringing a bit of heart to the mayhem is shy Sam (the promising Andrew Eiden), who has a crush on a neighbor girl but can’t muster the gumption to ask her to a school dance.About as low-concept and spartan as comedy gets, the series stars Keith Carradine as Nick, the firefighter single dad to five rambunctious boys.Having chased away nearly two dozen housekeepers since mom bolted a decade earlier, Nick decides to force his brood to learn homemaking skills by fending for themselves.Evan est une personne très sensible qui n'accepte pas les injustices.

Quatre ans plus tard, il y avait encore plus de 3000 Evan nés dans l'année, faisant de ce prénom masculin l'un des plus attribués du XXIe siècle en France.It's as unsuitable for polite conversation as sex and drugs.