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10-Feb-2018 05:03

You want to come across as someone who is actually interested in a meaningful conversation and not just sending a bunch of random emails in the hope of getting lucky.

Before you send your email, do a thorough spell check and make sure it makes sense – you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Don’t be disheartened This brings me to another point, which is true of every dating site: just because a profile shows up on a search it does not guarantee that the person still exists or is interested in being approached.

Even the best-tended databases can be out of date, so don’t take it personally if you don’t hear back from specific members, as they might not even exist.

Avoid cheesy message subjects like ‘Hello Beautiful’ or ‘I’m what you’re looking for’. Use offbeat openers like ‘I bet I can guess your favourite TV soap’ or ‘Quick question for you’ are better.

Do read the member’s profile carefully to pick up clues you can use when you contact them.

So how do you whittle it down, decide who to approach, and if you do, how should you proceed?

Choose dates wisely The first thing to bear in mind is that you will be faced with what is known as ‘the paradox of choice’ – there are seemingly hundreds of profiles that come as matches when you enter your search criteria.

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A genuine member will understand your caution in these matters.We all know that online dating can be tricky, even before you go on the date.Once you’ve signed up online, how do you find the right person for you, what is the best way to approach someone, and how should you set up a date that will work for you both?Disability dating sites, including uk, let you filter matches by physical condition on a handy dropdown menu, so you can decide in advance which challenges you would be comfortable sharing with other members.

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At this stage you should also be focusing in on suitable age ranges too, although true ages are not always as stated on the profile.

To answer all these questions, we’ve asked David Miller from disability dating site Disability uk, to give tips on the best way to clinch that first date.

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